10 Steps to Buying a Home

Buying a home in can be exciting, life changing, overwhelming, frustrating, and time-consuming. At Langston-Shaw Realty Group, we’ll ensure that you enjoy the experience!



A real estate agent is an invaluable resource and partner to help you find a new home. We want to make sure that our buyers are completely satisfied and that they purchase a home that they’ll love for years to come. At  Langston-Shaw Realty Group, we have a process that ensures you get the best deal, with meticulous service and an overall enjoyable experience. Our Team will guide you personally through this process. To learn more about  Langston-Shaw Realty Group, CLICK HERE.  

It is important to note that we provide this service AT NO EXPENSE TO YOU!  Seller’s pay commissions, all we ask is for your loyalty so we know we can give you our best efforts and share with you our tips, tricks and how to avoid “rookie” mistakes. Isn’t that great!!!


The first thing every potential buyer needs to do, if they are not paying “all cash” is meet with a reputable mortgage lender and have them prepare you a pre-approval letter. We have worked with multiple lenders and have learned that a great lender is worth every penny, and sometimes the drama and angst caused with a delayed closing is not with the pennies and nickels saved with a discount or online firm. We have preferred lenders, who we have closed literally HUNDREDS of loans for our clients and they have proven their skill and service with those that have come before you.  Though we highly recommend you act on our suggestion, you are free to apply for financing with whomever you wish, just know that not all lenders or loans are created equal, and there a lot of ways to take advantage of novice buyers by unscrupulous lenders, hence our suggestion to go with one of our preferred.


You likely have a decent idea of what you want in a house. Now is the time to get specific; size , number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, lot size, style, city, neighborhood, etc.  To help you out, we recommend that you fill our buyer questionnaire, which only takes a few minutes. You can find it by clicking  HERE.  Keep in mind that some of your features and benefits desired may or may not be available based on your level of qualification and current market conditions, so it is important to select just a couple of “must haves” and regard the rest as “nice to haves” or features that can be added in the future.


Searching for homes for sale in Utah today utilizes modern technology. You can search nearly anywhere using desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. Your real estate agent will be invaluable to help you sift through the few or many homes that are available. They know when a house is overpriced and can find out information that is otherwise difficult to access. A great agent will know the inventory of property very well and we’ll be keeping an eye out for those that have just been listed.  At  Langston-Shaw Realty Group, we recommend a few tools to help you find a home.

Langstonshaw.com -We think our search tool is pretty awesome! Start searching for homes using the  Langston-Shaw Realty Group property search by clicking HERE. You can even use the website on your mobile phone or iPad and search for homes from your car.


When you’ve found a few homes that you’d like to see, the next step is many people’s favorite part of buying a home. Now you get to go walk through and physically see the homes that you might be interested in purchasing. We recommend not scheduling more than 4-6 in any one session just so you can keep them all straight.  To schedule a showing with a  Langston-Shaw Realty Group real estate professional, Call us at 435-668-8323 or 435-229-2365.


Depending on the current market conditions, you may need to act quickly on any home that you like, as houses can go under contract with another buyer at any time, which means you will not have a chance to buy the home unless the other buyer steps away for financing or other reasons. Chances are, if it is priced well and you like it, others will too, so your mindset should be that of a buyer, not a looker.  Your real estate agent will be able to give you specific direction, but it is generally advised to submit a written offer on a home you like as soon as possible. As a token of interest, it is necessary to submit a check with earnest money, which can be released back to the buyer if property or loan conditions are not met. We work very hard to keep your money safe so rest assured that we will watch it as if were our own! Earnest money is generally 1/2-3% of the purchase price and must be available within four calendar days of a successful negotiation.  


Typically after your offer is received by the listing agent, they review it with the sellers. They can accept your offer as-is, reject it, or submit a counter offer. Your agent will work hard to represent your best interests, while giving you the best opportunity to purchase the home. Negotiations on a  property can take place over several days, but deadlines are usually attached to ensure timely responses of 24 hours.  We have found that “low-ball” or outrageous offers generally frustrate sellers and result in buyers getting higher counter offers, so we advise our clients to make strong, appropriate offers based on current market conditions.


When all parties have agreed on a price, terms, and conditions and signed and initialed the REPC contract and addenda, the home will be deemed, “Under Contract”.  At this point life gets busy and the following events and the specific deadlines for getting them accomplished are set in motion.  The good news is we facilitate and initiate nearly all of them for you:  

  • Title Work: The Title company checks for liens against the property to make sure you can be offered free and clear title with no judgments or liens against it from the seller.
  • Loan Processing: You likely be asked for several other documents to ensure your income, assets and liabilities.  Though time consuming and sometimes annoying you have to realize that someone is going to loan you a large sum of money and they need to know you can pay them back so all you can do is comply.
  • Home Inspection: You are allowed and we recommend that you hire a Professional Home Inspector to inspect every “nook and cranny” of the home to ensure you have a good idea of what you are buying and the condition it is in.  This is at your cost and discretion, but the home inspection and your repair request often results in the home being presented to you in better condition than if one were not obtained. Inspections range in cost from $250-400 and the inspector must be paid out of your pocket at the time of service.  We have a list of inspectors that we have had good result with in the past.  
  • Appraisal: This is a tool required by banks to ensure the value of the home is consistent with the amount you are borrowing.  It does not always tell you the exact value of your home, but more that it is a safe bet for the bank to loan you the money.
  • Settlement: This is when we meet at the Title company for you to sign all the loan documents; be prepared to spend about an hour and get ready for a bit of writer’s cramp, and make sure you bring photo ID. KEEP IN MIND, 99.9% of the time you are NOT GOING TO GET THE KEYS at this time so work closely with your agent to ensure that you are going to be able to move in when you intend to.  
  • Closing: This event usually happens 24 to 72 hours after settlement. This is when you loan funds and the home is recorded under your name at the county recorder’s office.  This is when you get the keys!!!

Congratulations! You’re now a new home owner!


As clients of  Langston-Shaw Realty Group, we want to make this transition as comfortable as possible for you. To aid in this step, our buyers are able to use our Langston-Shaw Realty Group Enclosed Trailer for local moves, subject to availability and provided you have an appropriate vehicle to pull it with. Many homeowners are able to move the majority of their belongings using our trailer. It is our pleasure to help you in your move!


This last part is important. We hope that many great memories and experiences will come with your home. We hope that you enjoy it and find it as place of comfort, peace, and fun. We hope that you’ll have friends and family over. We do hope that you’ll share your experience buying a home with  Langston-Shaw Realty Group and refer them to us so they can get the same level of care and service as you did.  When it comes time for you to move again, please give us a call. Thank you for letting us take part in you buying a home! 

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